Message from the desk of President

To be a rental company of choice,
we listen to our customers.

NIKKEN CORPORATION was established in July, 1967 as a regional equipment rental company near Tokyo with a strong commitment of the founder to attend every need of our customers in the civil and construction fields offering the supreme and excellent service. To fulfill our customers' needs, our operation became diversified and expanded geographically in Japan by creating regional subsidiary companies. The fleet was expanded rapidly to match the growing need of our customers.

Our business operation was consolidated in 1986 and has become a leading equipment rental company in Japan.

We have been creating and offering a wide variety of services such as short and long term rentals, customized rental programs, fleet rental programs, and safety training programs. We are capable of designing sales and management training programs customized to each and individual regional rental company.

We are also proud of our accumulated and rich experience to design and develop unique equipment to propose solutions to specific needs. Our capability is still unmatched in the equipment rental industry in Japan.

In 2003, NDT, one of our subsidiaries, was established to develop and provide services relating to the used equipment. NDT has now its unique program to attend individual need of our customers both in Japan and abroad.

During such transition of our business operation, our principles remain unchanged. We listen to our customers' needs. We are committed to provide services with top quality and best maintained equipment. Safety and Reliability First are our strong and firm commitment.

We will continue diversifying our business fields and making innovation in our rental programs to offer values to our customers.

We spare no efforts to become a rental company of choice. Let us hear your needs.